Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is China, too...

"Pictures of China’s abandoned copycat of Disneyland

About 45-minutes’ drive outside of Beijing there exists the ruins of an amusement park, called “Wonderland,” which was supposed to be the largest in Asia, one that was expected to rival Disney World and bring in all vast swaths of tourists, revenue, and become another pride of China. Ground was broken in 1996. However, that was before the funds were pulled due to conflicts on property costs between the government and local farmers. Construction stopped the next year, and the local farmers have once again moved in to harvest the land. It is an interesting juxtaposition and a stark reminder of the lightning fast growth of China’s economy but also a telling tale of the challenges China continues to face due to rapid modernization."

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Fascinating... (mi spiace averl scoperto adesso, altrimenti quando ero a BJ avrei organizzato una spedizione)


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