Saturday, December 17, 2011

"打藏族,加学分" "beat the Tibetans, get extra credit"



"On the evening of December 14, yesterday, the Han students showed how awesome they are. 3,000 guys from male dormitories 1, 2, and 3, all wearing their school uniforms, surrounded the Tibetan students’ dormitory and attacked. In fighting that lasted all night, the Tibetan dormitory was destroyed, the doors and windows completely smashed. The Tibetan classrooms were also ruined. A bunch of Tibetan students were beaten badly enough to be sent to the hospital. The police came but couldn’t control the situation, so over 1,000 riot police were sent in. They dispersed the students with tear gas. The Han students didn’t hesitate to smash the police and teachers’ cars. The principal got on the loud speaker to beg the students to calm down and leave the scene, but no one gave a damn. The Han and Tibetan students at the Railroad Engineering School really hate each other. Those several hundred Tibetan students are so full of themselves. Last night was an important victory for the Han students, because the school picked up all of the Tibetan students, and of course there were a bunch of Tibetan students who got seriously beaten up. Our slogan last night was loud and clear: beat the Tibetans, get extra credit."



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