Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1982-2012: Chumbawamba arrivederci!

Prima che coi Nirvana o i Ramones io cominciai a pogare coi Chumbawamba.
Grazie per gli ultimi 30 anni di rock e anarchia ragazzi!

“Tubthumping became known to some purely as a drinking song. Which is fair enough, because, if nothing else, it didn’t belong to an elite group of musicians—it belonged to people. People at football matches, people singing along to the radio as they drove, people at parties drinking too much whiskey and tripping over the kitchen chairs. People like me. And because it helped beggar the notion that Chumbawamba were boring zealots on a mission from Planet Anarchy.”
— Boff Whalley, founding member of Chumbawamba



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