Friday, May 21, 2010

Few books I strongly recommend...

"Understanding Chinese Society", by Stockman Norman

"Finding God in ancient China", by Thong Chan Kei

"Il Vangelo in Oriente : Giovanni da Montecorvino, frate minore e primo Vescovo in terra di Cina, 1307-1328", by Sella Pacifico

"China's trade unions : how autonomous are they? A survey of 1,811 enterprise union chairpersons", by Masaharu Hishida

"Reclaiming Chinese society : the new social activism", by You-tien Hsing and Ching Kwan Lee

"Psychological wellbeing and HIV risk of female sex workers in China", by Hong Yan

"Accidental incest, filial cannibalism, & other peculiar encounters in late imperial Chinese literature", by Lu Tina

"Au nom de la Revolution Culturelle", by Shi Lingdi

"Gli italiani che invasero la Cina : cronache di guerra 1900-1901", by Fattore Fabio

"翻译的传说: 中国新女性的形成(1898-1918)", by 胡缨

"Environmental activism in China", by Xie Lei


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