Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty matters. In China, also.

"The following are some basic criteria for female beauty listed in ancient literary and philosophy texts in both the Confucian and Taoist traditions, including Shih Ching (The Book of Poetry), Lie Tzu, Chu Tzu, Huai Nan Tzu, and so on: young, small, slim but fleshy; soft bones; drooping shoulders; smooth white skin under colourful and tight silk underwear; clean slender fingers; long neck; broad and white forehead; long ears; dark and thick hair with stylish hairpin; thick and bluish-black eyebrows; clear and sentimental eyes; charming smiles; tall and straight nose; red lips exposing seashell-white and small teeth; relaxed and elegant bodily gestures; and finally, gentle behaviours. It is the vitality of the body that counts, the sensuous qualities and curve of which must be perceived by the integration of all our senses"

"Beauty Matters", edited by Peg Zeglin Brand, 2000


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Noi italiane saremmo da buttare allora! :)

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