Sunday, January 22, 2012

恭贺新禧! 2012年行大运! 除旧布新!

压岁钱 [yā suì qián]: Money given to children to ward off evil spirits. It is said in the ancient China, there was a little evil called Chong(崇). He came out on the lunar new year eve and always went to touch sleeping children' head. Children will be scared and become silly. So normally on the new year eve, parents always stay awake beside the children with the candle on. There was one couple. They g...ot their kid when they were quite old so they cherish the kid very very much. One year, on the new year eve, they brought out 8 copper coins and played the coins with the kid. When the kid fell asleep, the parents wrapped the 8 coins in a piece of red paper and put it under the kid's pillow. But the parents dare not to sleep. In the midnight, Chong came, blew out the candle and tried to touch the kid;s head. Then by the pillow there were something shining. Chong ran away. The second day morning, this couple told the neighbours the story.From then on, put coins under the pillow was copied by everyone. People said, the 8 coind are transformed from the Eight Immortals (八仙). People believe it can help the kids to get over the shock. Nowadays, yā suì qián also means the parents wish their kids can live to be 100 years.

by Jing Feng

E con questo auguro a tutti gli amici vicini e lontani un sereno e felice anno del dragone!
p.s. Poi dimmi se anche questo non è soft power cinese!


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