Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shaming sex workers a media obscenity

"A big burly plainclothes policeman with a shaved head kicked open a locked door. A group of riot police stormed into the room through the broken door, followed by a group of TV cameramen and photographers.
A naked couple was trapped on the bed. The first policeman shouted questions at the terrified man, who was now standing exposed in front of the camera with his hands covering his private parts tightly, "What's your name? What's the name of your work unit?"
"It's so shameful, so shameful," the man said. His voice was barely heard and his body shaking with fear.
"Did you have sex with him?" the policeman shouted at the young woman.
The girl did not answer but lowered her head, her shoulder-length hair covering her face. The policeman grabbed her long hair, pulling her head back and forcing her to look into the camera, stark-naked in front of a group of hungry journalists.
This was a scene from the recent nationwide crackdown on the sex industry, shown on a local TV news channel.
If you search Baidu for "pictures of sex workers caught in the act," you will come up with almost one million pictures and videos showing terrified handcuffed young girls being dragged out of night clubs and spas. Some of the girls were paraded on the streets in front of laughing local residents, forced to wear humiliating signs.
These pictures and videos showing sex workers being treated like animals have spread like a virus through the Internet."

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