Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Accademico contro l'intellettualismo? Ma vai a zappare la terra!!

"(Wu Jiaxiang's blog) Xue Yong, Why Don't You Go To The Countryside? March 18, 2007

[in translation]

When I saw his (note: Xue Yong's) 'brand,' I was astonished: 'An anti-intellectual scholar'! A graduate from the Department of Chinese at the top university of China (Peking University) and a history doctoral student at one of the most famous universities in the world (Yale University) (he has not yet gotten his degree and it does not look like he has any hope of ever graduating), an American university history teacher ... so why is he an anti-intellectual?

It seems that he is not really anti-intellectual. He is a fake anti-intellectual. He is an anti-intellectual as much as someone who became president denounces power, a woman who is a prostitute denounces prostitution, a man who robs a house denounces robbers, a guy who is pulling up his pants after getting off a naked woman rushes over to the computer to write an essay that claims that sexual abstinence is healthy for the body ...

What is true anti-intellectualism? True anti-intellectualism means you better pack quickly, hop on the first plane from the United States to China, find the most remote mountain area and heed the call from Chairman Mao forty years ago to go into countryside, join a production brigade and be educated by the poor and middle-class peasants. Or else you can find a Project of Hope elementary school in a backward area and become a volunteer teacher so that you don't have to do what you are asking teacher Wu Jinglian to do -- public disclosure of his income. The American literary writer Thoreau was a true gentleman who loved nature, rejected city life thoroughly and established his home next to Walden Pond; Xue Yong is a hypocritical gentleman, who draws a salary from an American university which treats wisdom as a product while he opposes the pursuit of wisdom which is one of the highest goals of mankind ever since the times of ancient Greece."




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