Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beijing Lecture Group

From Freire and Ferrer, over Kant, to Bourdieu
From Chomsky, over Kropotkin, to Bakunin
From Hegel, over Marx and Lenin, to Mao
even Friedman will probably be present
and many more.

To attract as many (interested) people as possible.
To enhance our capacity of critical- and reflective thinking about society, political theories and humanity.
To strengthen emancipatory education.
To strengthen the anti-capitalistic and anti-neoliberal movement worldwide.
To spread following ideas communism, anarchism, socialism, humanism and other similar ideas.
To strengthen the motivation, the believe and the focus, that as an active group we – the people! – can change the world.

find core people in the first ~4 meetings (I. Stage)
then attract a large number of people (II. Stage)
then grass-root movement (GRM) style (?) (III. Stage)
[smash neoliberalism, the TNCs and change the world positively for the people (IV. Stage) ]

Contact datas:
15910764622 (send a text, we will turn on this number less then once a day)


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