Monday, October 25, 2010

我爸叫李刚 My Father is Li Gang!

视频:李刚痛哭流涕数度哽咽 俯身鞠躬30秒致歉


" “My Father is Li Gang!” has become the most popular catchphrase in the Chinese Internet in the past few days.

First of all, you may ask, who is Li Gang? Li Gang is the deputy director of the police department in the northern district of Baoding city, Hebei province.

On October 16, a car accident took place in Hebei University, which led to the death of a female student. According to eyewitnesses, the car knocked down two girls who were riding roller on the school campus, but the driver did not stop and continued to drive to the female dormitory to drop off his girl friend. In the end, the school security guards and students blocked the entrance of the school gate and demanded the driver to get off the car. Instead of showing any sign of remorse, the driver, Li Qiming, yelled out to the angry crowd, “Go ahead and sue me, my father is Li Gang!”.

What is the underlying meaning of the sentence: “My Father is Li Gang!”? Many netizens believe it reflects the arrogance of the offsprings of government officials (the so-called G2-official) that they could easily get away with any mistake or crime that they have committed. They are outraged by such inherited corruption and expressed their anger online."

Source: Global Voices

"Li Gang è il direttore del dipartimento di polizia nel distretto settentrionale di Baoding nella provincia dello Hebei. Suo figlio Li Qiming, lo scorso 16 ottobre ha investito e ucciso una giovane studentessa della Hebei University. Non si è fermato a soccorrerla. Alla folla di studenti che gli bloccava la strada mentre cercava di proseguire per riaccompagnare al campus la fidanzata ha gridato “Avanti, fatemi causa se volete! Mio padre è Li Gang!”. L’intervento della polizia ha evitato il linciaggio."

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