Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ChinaSmack: In-depth Dialog with a Post-90s Generation Sex Worker

This is basically the original dialog, but I did rely on memory to write it down. I’ve also removed some useless chatter and explicit content. She is a friend who I met by chance, but I am definitely not someone who visits prostitutes. I originally had her permission to post her picture, very pretty girl, but I decided not to because I think she can still start over again someday.

Fuxu: Can you tell me your age?
Her: I was born in 1991, 18 years old.

Fuxu: Can you tell me your occupation?
Her: Allow me to set two conditions, can you not be so formal? Also, can you not ask about the things that you’ve already known long before? Isn’t it okay if you just fill in these areas? I can also boldly say this one more time to you, my occupation is being a prostitute while simultaneously studying in school.

Fuxu: Can you describe your family background? Is your family very poor?
Her: My dad is a low-level boss, drives a Crown (luxury car from Toyota), so according to your standards, my family is not poor at all.

Fuxu: Actually, if you told us how poor your family was, how you have brothers and sisters going to school, or a relative who has a serious illness, everyone would sympathize a lot with you. How many of those around you are similar to you?
Her: When you say similar, do you mean similar family background or occupation? Occupation-wise, there are actually many similar people around me, how can I say this using your language? Right, birds of a feather flock together. But if you’re talking about family background, then not everyone is like me, there are also those whose family is very poor. Of course the so-called poor may not be the same definition that you people have. The poor that we say are those that cannot wear name brands, perhaps your world is different from ours.

Fuxu: You all have very good family backgrounds, then why are you all doing this profession?
Her: Because I like being depraved, [I] like that kind of depraved feeling from being in a bar or in a bed. But debauchery also requires money, can’t be depraved by relying on support from parents. I indulge in a feeling that is different from your lives, your world. No need to think about what a person ought to do or what needs to be done, no need to ponder and no need to struggle hard. You have no way of understanding.

Fuxu: Do those that are close to you who are in your profession also have this kind of thinking?
Her: Yes, I think so. Think about it, we can be students in this kind of school, so would we be in this profession because of our poor livelihoods? Unlikely. If it isn’t to simply reap without sowing [sic, i.e. get something for nothing], to be able to wear and use name brands without putting in effort, then it is to or to acquire resources to become depraved.

Fuxu: If your friends that are close were to know you were in this profession, would they make fun of you guys?
Her: There is absolutely no one close to me who is like this, I’ve already said it, birds of a feather flock together. Those close to me who aren’t in this profession are either still the depraved type, do K [sic, i.e. a kind of drug, possibly Ketamine], or fight, good students would not hang around with us, we are also not very uncommon. Of course, if classmates were to know, [they] would definitely make fun of us behind our backs, consider us dirty or something.

Fuxu: Do you care? Care about the feelings others have when they see you?
Her: [I] care, but no one dares to make fun of us in front of our faces, otherwise their legs would be broken.

Fuxu: Have you thought about your life in the future?
Her: Thought about it. But I’m not the same as you all, you’ll all worry about what your lives will be like, but we won’t. We only think about how to be happy right now, our parents already have money.

Fuxu: Are you happy?
Her: Sometimes, I’m unhappy, but oftentimes we’re in a kind of state where we don’t know what is happy and what is unhappy. You people that haven’t done K before would not know that kind of feeling.

P.S. Our chat actually wasn’t this short, [we] talked for a long time. She said many things to me, including some events she’s been through, but I can only pick a few to post. She agreed to let me post everything we talked about and her picture, but I only want to say this much. These stories make me feel heavy-hearted, make me feel I can’t write them down, I specifically picked this excerpt so everyone would know we are different from them in only one respect, that is we still have hope and conviction.

Source: ChinaSmack


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