Thursday, January 28, 2010

Women discriminated by Chinese characters...

"A recent internet post purportedly written by a lawyer named Ye Mantian rallied against the structure of many vulgar Chinese Hanzi characters as containing elements in reference to women. For example, the traditional character for rape is written as “姦”, or simply the three characters “女” [women] stacked together.

Ye Mantian called for the elimination of such sexist and offensive characters, and replacing them with more gender-neutral forms. However, many netizens believe Chinese characters are a part of history and that simply changing characters will not solve the core issue of gender inequality.


“娱” [amusement], “耍”[playful], “婪”[greedy], “嫉”[envy], “妒”[envy], “嫌”[dislike], “佞”[to flatter], “妄”[presumptuous], “妖”[evil], “奴”[slave], “妓”[prostitute], “娼”[prostitute], “奸”[rape], “姘”[have an affair], “婊”[prostitute] and “嫖”[prostitute]."

Full article: ChinaSmack


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