Sunday, December 20, 2009

A popular song among Shenzhen workers...

"Dagongzai come from five lakes and four seas,from all places and directions;
Dagongzai are all young,seventeen or eighteen;
Dagongzai come from all walks of life:cowboys,horseboys,PhDs,poets and singers;
Dagongzai work hard selling their strength,working extra hours and extra shifts;
Dagongzai make a lot of money for other people,bosses from Hong Kong and Japan;
Dagongzai have good and bad tempers,missing their families and preserved vegetables at home;
Dagongzai's life is hard:they are fired by the bosses;
Dagongzai's life is free:they fire their bosses;
Dagongzai always write home,saying how good their life is;
Dagongzai always sigh,during quiet hours at night;
Dagongzai keep their words at heart,to nobody's knowledge;
Dagongzai like to sing the song ¡°I wish I had a family¡±;
Dagongzai are strong,never shed tears when others are here;
Dagongzai have no residency in the Special Economic Zones,where they make every piece of brick with their sweat;
Dagongzai are a group of Chinese cowboys who can survive in any corner of the world"

打工仔 [dǎɡōnɡzǎi] "Dagongzai" is a "young man (or women as well in a non-gender specific context) who is contracted to work away from his hometown (usually for a short seasonal term or without job security and full benefit); broadly: a young man or woman who works under a contract" (from "nciku dictionary")

I do love the expression "who can survive in any corner of the world"... cause I think it's true :)


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