Thursday, April 23, 2015

剩女: the Chinese 'leftover women'.

"Another young woman in Beijing came to the same conclusion as Zhang. 'The institution of marriage basically benefits men, and when women get hurt this institution doesn't protect our rights,' she told me"

"As one popular Chinese saying goes, 男人三十一朵花,女人三十烂渣渣, meaning 'men of 30 are like a flower, women at 30 are wilted and rotten'"

"In China today at least 10 million straight women are married to gay men, according to a leading expert on LGBT issues, Zhang Beichuan, who found that nearly 90 percent of gay men in China are married to or will marry heterosexual women in order to fend off family and social pressure"

"Powerful and rich people can use bigamy as a way to postpone a divorce settlement"

"In China, marriage isn't just between two people; it's between two families"

“Leftover Women. The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China”, by Leta Hong Fincher


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