Monday, November 28, 2011

I senza fissa dimora di Pechino

Vecchio Zhao me lo ricordo benissimo, c'ho chiacchierato diverse volte e credo di averne anche scritto qui nel blog. Beh, se c'e' una cosa che proprio non mi manca di Pechino e' l'incrocio di Wudaokou, tutte quelle maledette luci, gli hooligans, le mignotte e il Propaganda. Miccia lunga, miccia corta... boom!!

"'Old Zhao' is an elderly, bearded beggar who spends his evenings working the streets of Wudaokou, in Beijing’s university district. After several years of plying his trade, Old Zhao, with the clinking of coins in his porcelain begging bowl, has become one of the most recognizable figures in the neighborhood. His story is a familiar one for tens of millions of working class Chinese people, even if his current choice of work is not.

For someone who has endured a lifetime of hardship and limited opportunities, he appears remarkably content with his current existence. We spoke with Old Zhao recently and found out what draws him to the indigent lifestyle."


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