Monday, November 14, 2011

Drug, Sex and College

"73% of students regreted something they did the next day after a drinking session.

Just under half of students have been refused entry or kicked out of a club for being too drunk.

1 in 10 of sexually active students do not use contraception.

Half of students have had a one night stand; alcohol was listed as a factor by 80% of these people.

1 in 3 female respondents have got the morning after pill.

Half of students have tried illegal drugs of some sort."

From "What the other half get up to. The secret habits of students revealed"
MOTLEY - University College Cork official magazine, November 2011


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Massaccesi Daniele said...

A parte che bisognerebbe analizzare un attimino la metodologia dell'indagine, consideriamo pure che a realizzarla sono stati studenti aspiranti giornalisti, consideriamo inoltre che il 75% degli intervistati ha tra i 19 e i 21 anni e che l'Irlanda ha fama di essere un paese cattolico e di ubriaconi... ma in Italia sarebbe comunque andata mooolto peggio!


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