Thursday, April 28, 2011

May the 1st, Ningxia Afternoons! - 2 Kolegas


Buyi Band Folk. Buyi Band (布衣乐队) make refreshing and natural music, expressing the original disposition of the people of north-west China.

Nucleus Rock. Nucleus (核) first burst into Beijing in 2005, haunting venues over the next year and a half.

Migratory Bird Folk. Invoking Northwest Chinese sounds, Migratory Bird (立东乐队) seeks to make simple folk music.

Wu & The Side Effects Psychedelic. Wu & The Side Effects (吴的反作用乐队) is one of Beijing's most energetic and exceptional live acts.

Skarving Ska. Skarving Orchestra is a true to type SKA BAND which composed by 7 professionals in 2007 fall.

Meng Zhi Folk. Meng Zhi (孟志) is a soulful guitarist playing in the Beijing area.

The Rudeness Ska. The Rudeness (previously The Scar) is a five-piece ska group who reinvented themselves in 2010.

Where: 2 Kolegas

21 Liangmaqiao Lu 亮马桥路21号



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