Thursday, April 28, 2011

May the 1st, MIDI Music Festival - Jinglangdao Park

Song Stage Lineup:

13:00 → 13:30
K362 Metal. K362 is an indie metal group from Jilin living in Beijing.
13:50 → 14:20
Misandao Punk. Misandao (蜜三刀) is an old-style punk band in Beijing.
14:40 → 15:10
DH & Chinese Hellcats Jazz. DH & Chinese Hellcats (地狱猫)are a fun mix of swing, jazz, and pop that gets everyone's toes tapping。
15:30 → 18:10
Mya Audrey Pop, Jazz (Switzerland). Mya Audrey is a pop/jazz singer and pianist from Switzerland.
16:30 → 17:10
Descendants Metal. Descendants (末裔) is an avant-garde metal band with a twist.
17:30 → 18:10
Dengel Metal. Dengel is a local goth-metal six-piece band formed in 2004, taking their name from the combination of the English words "Devil" and "Angel".
18:30 → 19:10
SMZB Punk. SMZB (生命之饼) was founded in 1997, as the first punk band in WuHan, one of the earliest punk bands in China.
19:30 → 20:10
Paradise Metal. Paradise (天堂) have been around in some formation or another since 1992.
Tang Stage Lineup:
13:30 → 14:00
The Ghost Spardac Emo, Metal, Rock. The Ghost Spardac (斯巴达), the emo-ish rock band, was founded in 2008.
14:20 → 14:50
The On Fires Punk, Rock (Australia). Who knew that a chance meeting of two teenagers at a swimming camp on Australia's Gold Coast would lead to an international touring act playing Party Punk'n'Roll?
15:10 → 15:40
Finger Family Rock. Formerly W.ING, the newly-named Finger Family (指人儿) is a diverse indie rock band with many varying influences.
16:00 → 16:30
Nanwu Folk. Nanwu (南无乐队) has a highly melodic style, integrating Chinese and Western music.
16:50 → 17:30
Left-Right Band Hard Rock. Left-Right Band (左右), is a new generation of force the Chinese music market.
17:50 → 18:30
Brain Failure Punk. (脑浊 Nao Zhuo) The first punk band in China ever to self-release an album, Brain Failure has been playing Beijing venues since 1998.
18:50 → 19:30
Mongol800 Punk, Ska (Japan). MONGOL800 (モンゴル800) is a Japanese rock band that has found popular success over the past years.
20:00 → 22:00
Mr. Big Hard Rock (USA). Mr Big is a hard rock band started in the USA in the 1980s who have become popular the world over.

Where: Jinglangdao Park




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