Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dad, your son does not have the face to go home!

"Dad, Yesterday you asked me how much money I have saved. I said I have saved a little over eight thousand. You seemed a little unhappy, said I already worked almost a year, three thousand and two hundred each month, I should have saved at lease fifteen hundred. I did not dare to make a sound. Dad, I really was afraid to tell you, actually there are not even five hundred in my bank card, and I have to pay the rent – three hundred in couple of days. There are several bags of ramen on the table, and the only money I spent was the comic book “I am Bai Gu Jin” (我是白骨精) I bought the day before yesterday. Dad, for sure you are going to yell at me for spending too much money, but you know, I love to draw since when I was little, I really could not help but to buy this comic book."

(A college graduate drifter’s confession letter to his peasant worker father)

The rest of the letter here:

I think you can understand more Chinese contemporary society in this letter than in thousands of academic books...


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