Sunday, February 05, 2017

Teaching in a small village at the Chinese-Myanmarese border

Perhaps some of my old friends and fellow students at Beijing Foreign Studies University might remember this tall and blond Dutch guy. That was between 2004 and 2006. He was a teacher and once in a while used to hang out with us international students for a beer or so. Well, many years are gone, but yesterday I found him again in this short documentary on Youtube:

Well done Anton, I wish you good luck with your project, and hope to come visiting you one day or another.

"Prop Roots is an educational center in a small village at the Chinese-Myanmarese border. The staff provides local children with opportunities to map out their own life, and act on those insights with the means available to them, rather than give into temptations of the ubiquitous shadow economy in the area. The focus lies on empowerment of individual children through group projects and development of skills that correspond to their own interest and strengths. Nearly all children attending belong to the Jingpo ethnicity." 


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