Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cina: fondi statali per i figli illegittimi? Mai!!

Rivista mensile ChinAfrica. Articolo sulla proposta di dare fondi statali alle madri cinesi non sposate, al fine di aiutarle ad allevare figli illegittimi (e non abortire). La domanda era "Should illegitimate children be supported by the State?" e tra le varie risposte contrarie, vorrei segnalare questa, di un certo Ding Zhengyu:

"An Aid Fund for Unwed Mothers is probably feasible abroad, but not in China. My reasons are:

First, premarital pregnancy is legally prohibited in China. If this fund is set up, it may send the message that premarital pregnancy is protected by law, which will contradict legal principles.

Second, based on China's reality, premarital pregnancy should be forbidden. As the most populous country, China implements family planning policy under which only couples in wedlock can have babies after obtaining necessary approval. With this fund set up, it may be seen as an encouragement of illegitimate births and could see some people have more than one child through this fund.

Third, setting up this fund contradicts Chinese traditional ethics. In China, an essential prerequisite for having babies is getting married.

Fourth, setting up this fund may cause greater harm to women. The purpose of Zhang's proposal is to protect women, while the result may actually turn out to be the opposite. Setting up this fund is encouraging premarital sex to some extent, which does not protect women, but is in fact disrespect for women, and will lead to increase in the number of unwed mothers.

Given these reasons, I don't think it is feasible to set up an Aid Fund for Unwed Mothers in China"


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